About us

Who we are?

When it comes to staffing, CWW is the shortest distance between great talent and great employers. 

CWW is a full service contract staffing provider of professionals. We connect extraordinary people to extraordinary organizations — for the optimal benefit of both.

We are devoted to providing our clients with candidates that suit their requirements and exceed their expectations. We do this in the shortest span of time, thanks to our talent pool and pipeline. This is the value we offer to our clients on a relentlessly while never compromising our reputation of solid integrity and strong ethics.

What sets us apart?

  • We are the leading nationwide provider of contract professionals that helps businesses to achieve their IT staffing and consulting objectives.
  • We service a broad spectrum of industries and provide the best candidates in varied segments. As we focus all our efforts and resources only in technical staffing, we are able to stay up-to-date with industry trends and emerging technologies.
  • We boast of a competitive and proficient senior recruiting team that understands the requirements and aligns candidates to suit your ever changing business needs.
  • #1 supplier of professional- we specialize in fulfilling the needs of companies in industries that are constantly innovating and therefore in constant need of capable and dedicated employees.
  • CWW Group can staff anywhere in the United States. We have resources nationwide that are ready and available for your short term and long term needs!
  • After years of experience in various sectors, we have cultivated a unique understanding of these companies’ needs when it comes to new hires, which is why we are recruitment agency of choice in the United States.

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