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Top 3 Back-To-Workplace Technologies to Ensure Business Continuity

The 2020 global pandemic COVID-19 forced businesses to act quickly to ensure the safety of their workforce. Many businesses closed temporarily or transitioned to remote work. The end of the Pandemic is uncertain, returning to physical workplace safely and productively is a high priority for many businesses. To ensure business continuity, businesses must plan a.

Best Practices for Successful Web Application Testing

With the significant rise in the number of users accessing websites across various devices, platforms, and resolutions, ensuring consistent user experiences can be a real challenge. To ensure better user experiences, web applications must be thoroughly tested prior to launch. To perform web application testing effectively, software testers should follow industry proven best practices. Scope of Web.

Explore the Nuances and Process of IoT Testing

IoT technology adoption is happening at a rapid pace. The McKinsey’s Global Institute predicts IoT will have an economic impact of between $4 trillion and $11 trillion by 2025 and Gartner predicts that “..more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of the Internet of Things.” The biggest challenge with IoT industry is testing,.

Native App, Web-Hybrid, or Native-Hybrid? What’s Best for Your Mobile App Development?

Choosing the right mobile application development type is crucial to the success of the mobile app. However, most businesses often get confused on which mobile application type to choose. Choosing the right mobile application type demands the same or even more attention for every platform. There are three types of Mobile app development types: Native,.

Best Practices for Performing Continuous Testing

With clients expecting to have quality deliverables at a faster rate and lower cost, the software industry has moved towards agile methodology and continuous integration/delivery. To cope with clients' expectations, the testing industry has been transforming itself into a more dynamic role. This is where Continuous Testing can deliver a product with superior quality and.

How Industry experts are using AI during a global pandemic

The challenges of 2020 are no secret with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has seen and experienced economic downfalls, infrastructure impacts, health concerns and more. We are constantly living in ever-changing times that pivot with each new discovery, and businesses and organisations across the world are relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as.